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Best Way to Add Text in DaVinci Resolve (2022)

In this article, I will show you how to add text in Davinci Resolve along with some other very useful things. So let’s not waste more of your time and get to it! Here is the straightforward way to add basic text:

  1. Open the “Effects Library”
  2. Expand “Toolbox” and go to “Titles”
  3. Locate the one named only “Text” and drag it into your timeline. (In the track above your video)
  4. Click on it and edit in the “Inspector” (Right side)

Now you know how to add the text to your timeline, this is the straight forward and easiest way to do it. But you can do a lot of stuff to it now that you’ve added it to your timeline. So if you’re interested in learning how and what you can do, read on!

How to Edit Text

So after adding the text to the timeline there is a lot of different options on what you can do to it. We’ll now go over the most important ones to know.

You’ve added the text to the timeline and it looks something like this:

When you click on the text you’ll notice the “Inspector” tab opens on the right side. This is where the magic happens! From here you can adjust almost everything you want!

If you cannot see the “Inspector” tab, you’ll have to open it manually by clicking on it. (It’s in the right corner, with the “Metadata” and “Mixer”.

The first thing you notice in the inspector is the “Rich Text” or that black box. What you write in this one is what the text will say in the video as well. So carefully choose your words…

Then it’s the “Font family”, this is what text type you want which decides how it’s going to look like. Under its “Font face” choose which one you like. Nothing more to say about that.

So everything in this menu has to do with the appearance of the text. It’s just like in words. I think you already know what most of this thing does and if you do no harm in just testing them. If something happens just press CTRL+Z or Command+Z and you undo it. Or if you want to undo everything in on that particular setting just hit that “Arrow Circle” on the right side.

On the leftside of the “arrow circle” as we call it here at Video With Jens, you maybe noticed the small rectangular symbol. This has to do with keyframes, which I explain further down below when talking about effects you can apply!

One thing to mention is the shadow, I’ve found that in order for it to show you have to change a bit on the position of it. You do this by just changing the “Offset” on the X.

Easy Text Effects to Apply

When you’re satisfied wih how your text look like, you can also apply some cool effects to it. That’s when we’re going to use the keyframes which I briefly mentioned above.

So the keyframe is that small rectangle on the right side of each value. On the right side of “Zoom”, you can see the number on which it’s set to and right next to it a small rectangle.

The keyframe saves the value of your text in the timeline at the time you press it. For example: If you’ve set the zoom to 0,600 and hit the keyframe on the right side of zoom. Then you go forward 3 seconds in the video and change size to 1.100 it will automatically add another keyframe. (You’ll see this by it turning red).

Everytime you activate it it’ll turn red, but it’s only red when you’re at the exact time you applied it!

It’s important to note that it only works on the value it’s on the right side. The one next to zoom will not set a keyframe on “Position”, which is the setting over “Zoom”.

Now let’s take another example as you can fully grasp the concept of keyframing!

Maybe you want the text to move from the right to the left over a 5 second periode. How do you do this?

  1. Set the starting position of it by changing the X and Y offset.
  2. Go to the time where you want it to start moving and hit the keyframe.
  3. Now go forward 5 seconds in the video.
  4. Adjust the position of the text to where you want it to end
  5. Woallah!

Congratiualations! Now you now how to make moving text, this is something I do very often myself.

When it comes to using keyframes be creative! You can do a lot of cool effects with these. Enjoy!

Save Your Epic Text for Future Projects

Another awesome thing you can do is to save your text for later use. When you are really satisfied with how your text looks or preforms why not just save it as you can use it in another project?

So the way you do this is really neat and it works for alot more than just your text, but since that’s what this article is about lt’s stick to it. Just remember you can apply it to clips and pictures aswell.

What you have to do is go to “View” and then click on “Show Power Bins”.

Now open “Media Pool” and locate the “Power Bins” and “Master”

Then drag the text you want to save in to the “Master”.

That’s it, now if you open a new project and want to apply the text. All you have to do is go to “Power Bins” and inside the “Master” Bin you’ll find your text.

I hope you found what you were looking for!