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In this article, I will show you how to copy and paste those attributes of yours in Davinci Resolve!

Why should you and I waste our time adjusting one by one clip, when everyone is just copying and pasting? Let’s put this to an end!

How to Copy and Paste Attributes/Effects?

  1. Right-click the clip with the effects and select copy.
  2. Right-click the clip you want to paste the effects and select “Paste Attributes…”
  3. In the attribute window select the effects you want to paste and click “Apply”.

If you want to know more about how the menu works, how to remove attributes or making this process even easier (when applying to multiple clips at once). I will explain this in greater detail down below.

How to Use the Attributes menu:

Now we’ll go a bit more in on debt what you actually did in step three when the menu popped up.

Show how the from and to clip works

So the first thing you’ll notice in the menu is the “From” and “clip name”, this is the clip you’ve copied the effects from and the “To”and “clip name”, is the one your pasting the attributes on.

If you are pasting attributes on multiple clips at the same time, it will say “To” and “2 clips” instead of the clip name.

Then it’s the KeyFrames tab, this one is automatically set to “Maintain Timing”. You most likely don’t want to change this to “Stretch to Fit”, as it will change the placement of the keyframes you’ve set to match the other clip.

So for example: If you’ve set your keyframes to zoom in 200% from beginning to end of the first clip this will be the case for the clip you’re pasting the attributes on to aswell. And if the new clip is only half the length it will zoom twice as fast. (Stretch to Fit)

Next it’s the fun part, the video attributes! Here you have the option to choose what attributes you want to pass on to the new clip. Depending on what you’ve done to the first clip, here you choose whatever of it you want to duplicate.

For example: If you’ve zoomed and moved the position of it to the right, then you want to check the boxes that says “Zoom” and “Scale X”.

As you can see it’s not only the video effects you can copy and paste. You can also do it with the audio clips and this is just the same process as you do with the video.

Don’t worry if it’s grey or not clickable on your screen, as it only works if you have already copied some audio values.

On the bottom of the menu its the Retime Effects this is if you have adjusted the speed of the clip, so if you want to paste it on to the new clip, check this box.

You’ll also notice the “Ripple Sequence” which simply means as you are adjusting the speed of your new clip you are also affecting the length of the clip.

Therefore by checking this box you’re deleting the space in the sequence your clip no longer occupies. So if you’ve trimmed your clip to half the length and now want to double the speed of it. If you don’t choose this option, then the clip will actually get stretched to full length again but at double speed. This is the result of the sequence trying to stay at the same length.

Now that you have become an expert and knows exactly what you’re doing. Go ahead and press that apply button! You have my blessing.

But as we agreed on earlier, why do things the hard way when it can be done in a so much more effective way. Read on if you want to know how!

Select and paste onto multiple clips

You do by now already know that you can paste attributes onto multiple clips at once. And maybe you know how, but either way, I want to show you what I’ve found to be the best method.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that I’ve noticed there is a lot of different ways people do this and many are making it way harder than it has to be.

Alot of people are holding and dragging over the clips with the mouse like this. It’s no problem when there are only a couple of tracks like in this picture.

But as soon as there is a lot of tracks on top of each other this is a terrible way to do it in my opinion.

What I like to do instead depending on the situation is:

  • If you want to mark some clips in the middle of the sequence. Simply hold down CTRL or Command while clicking on the clips you want to mark.
  • You can also click select the first clip and hold down shift while clicking the last one. Then you’ll automatically select everyone in between also.

When you have selected the clips, you can now just right click and paste attributes on all the selected clips at the same time!

Working effectively is something I think is very important

Removing attributes from clips

After reading this, you can consider yourself graduated in the field of copying attributes!

If there is one certain effect you’re not satisfied with you can actually go and remove just that effect! Or all of them.

As you can see, when right-clicking a clip where attributes are already applied you got this new option which says “Remove Attributes”. Click on this one.

And once again you have to deal with the legendary Attributes Menu. But this time you already know how it works. The only difference is that the boxes you check this time. Are the attributes you want to remove.

You can do this with multiple clips selected too, even if the attributes on the clips are different. All you have to do is check the box on which attributes you want to remove and it resets that attribute on all the clips you’ve selected.

For example: If you have zoomed 200% on one clip and only 150% on the other clip selected. Checking the zoom box will reset them both to 100%.

Be aware of the “Ripple Sequence” under Retime Effects here as well. This time the clip you’ve changed the speed on will get back to normal length. So you want the sequence to give it room to expand.

So to cap it up, you don’t have to remove every attribute each time you’re not satisfied with one of them. You just check whatever effect in the menu you want to reset.

Using this menu will save you a lot of time. Instead of actually manually having to navigate to the effect tab and reset it from there. You can now just check one box and it’s back to normal!

Check out this article, where I show you how to copy and paste effects in the “Color” page of Davinci Resolve.

Hope you found this article helpful!



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