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I grew up on a small island far north surrounded by beautiful nature…

The introduction to photo- and videography was therefore quite unavoidable. Especially when you realize the photos on your amateur camera were almost worthy of being one of Windows’ default desktop backgrounds.

I was also the gamer guy who loved screen capturing my PVP arena matches in World of Warcraft with fraps (retro screen-recording software)…

However, since we didn’t win ALL the time, I had to cut out those defeats from the video 😉

And like that my dive into the world of video editing started.

In the beginning, I started out like most people at the time: using Windows Movie Maker!! (good times)

However, after a while, I realized that in order to make videos like the pro YouTubers and film producers Windows Movie Maker simply didn’t offer all the features I needed (it was a pretty acceptable software tho IMO).

Anyways moving on I started using Premiere Pro, which was pretty overwhelming at the time. But after a while with trial, error, and watching a bunch of tutorials my videos started looking pretty good.

Then a couple of years later I heard about this free editing software, DaVinci Resolve, which supposedly had it all: Video editing, color grading, graphic design (& now also audio post-production!).

And the rumors were true, this too was an amazing software, which I’ve since been using together with Premiere Pro when I want to switch things up.

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100% success

“Jens is a great guy to work with! Co-op and communication is key, and he adapted well and could deliver with perfect results and complete the task with 100% success.”
Freelance Client

“I love you!”

Comment from a very satisfied viewer from one of my tutorials.

“At least Resolve is making plenty of youtube content because, without you guys, I would have deleted it and put a stop payment on the software.”

Clearly a bit negative, however, this is why I keep making tutorials!
Rip Roaring Garage

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